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Internship at Imprint (U) Ltd

Imprint (U) Ltd is committed to training periodically a limited number of places are available for young and vibrant talent who are keen and committed to become the new breed of business associates who are independent-minded, articulate and proficient to growing the client’s business.  The nature and duration of Internship varies from individual to individual and stipulated in an engagement contract or Intern’s Application Form as agreed by both parties (i.e. Intern & Imprint) but standard time is usually a period of three (3) months.

An internship programme is in place to which the interns adhere. For development purposes, each intern is required to propose and implement a project that addresses a pertinent issue at Imprint as his/her immediate client. Two evaluations are usually conducted at Midpoint and End of internship period, and with exceptional performance, this results into an eventual placement.

The remuneration for an Intern is not structured to be a salary but a reimbursement of basic running costs like transport or lunch if not provided onsite. Click here to share your documents

Job Openings

Imprint (U) Ltd is committed to hiring the best talent possible time and again and like many other organizations, Imprint strives to select and appoint suitable candidates for jobs either permanent or temporary depending on the business needs

With a core purpose of solving complex business problems through talented people to produce jointly owned products, Imprint recognizes that people are the most important resource that any organization requires and bringing the right people on the board for the business is the most important part in an organization. Click here to share your documents

Consultancy Openings

Imprint as an organization applies the shamrock principle in its operations with a management core that constitutes the directors and some senior associate staff who ensure the continuity and growth of the business while it outsources additional expertise in form of Associate Consultants.

The shamrock principle that Imprint operates, permits the buying-in of services as needed and Imprint continues to engage a number of experienced Associate Consultants to provide the much needed manpower and competence especially with the growth of the profile, so as to cover gaps and ensure quality service delivery to its clients.

The associate consultants are brought on board as and when needed and these are either head hunted or through referrals. Please click here to share your CV..