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Operations Management

Training Intervention

Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Basics Course:

No task is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely; and without diminishing management’s obligations, the responsibility and accountability for safety and health rests with every individual. This training provides you and your team with basic information on Occupational Health and Safety that will enable you embark on a journey of implementing an OHS program at your work place. It aims at gaining commitment of the management in ensuring that the workforce acquire and maintain basic knowledge and understanding of key elements of workplace Occupational Health and Safety in order to prevent accidents and diseases

Industrial and Engineering Workshop Safety training:

Engineering workshops and construction sites are associated with many injuries and ill health/fatalities related to the use of machinery, electricity, manual handling, movement of materials/equipment into, within and out of the workshops, maintenance of workshop facilities, equipment and tools; storage of parts, tools and items. This training will improve Occupational Health & Safety standards and practices in the Engineering Workshops and Construction Sites for organisations striving to become centres of excellence

Food and Kitchen Safety Training

Catering wherever it is done can be very engaging, demanding and at the same time fun filled activity. However, the catering, food processing and storage environment can be hazardous. We help food processing and handling organizations, industries and hotels by training their staff food safety standards at both local and international level, risk management and policy development that aligns to the prevailing standards. The intervention is blended with practical and classroom sessions that expose staff who interface with any food related process to understand the implication of their actions on safety of the food for health purposes.

Integrated Stores Management

The program provides skills in the Management of Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO) parts i.e. Spare Parts & Consumables. This is a complex undertaking – with stock outs/overstocking more often having negative ripple effects that can cascade across an organization impacting on the sales, working capital, financial bottom-line, staff morale, health of personnel and even damage to the environment.


Research studies

Through data analytics, we also conduct research studies on scale especially those that contribute to developmental outcomes on a national level. These entail landscape studies, impact assessments, evaluations and tracer studies. Through the shamrock principle, we have a pool of seasoned evaluation and research experts who boost our capacity to conduct such assessments on scale. We advise clients on the implementation methodologies of research findings. Whether it is research leading to development or development leading to research, we guarantee a thorough process that not only answers the identified research/evaluation questions but also adds value to the latent issues that affect an intervention.

Management Information Systems

The world is becoming more connected. Online resource sharing Is becoming increasingly important and as a result, we support your business to develop secure, fast web based management information systems to suit your business needs using the latest technologies. Report generation is now easier than ever. Coupled with our vast experience in other business consultancy services, we understand business processes and incorporate these experiences to develop systems that are owned by you.

Quality Management System Implementation

The desire of any business is to live beyond its founders and to achieve that, the business needs to put in place measures to control quality and ensure continuity and at Imprint we help you just do that. We work with businesses of all sizes to document, streamline and develop structures that allow for sustainability and continuity protecting businesses from the founders syndrome. At the other end of all these, we will support you to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 certification for your business from credible accreditors such as Bureau Veritas. This is not just a certificate, it is a commitment to quality that will be sure to earn the trust of your clients. Our robust experience and tools aligned to international standards guarantees the best experience for your organization. We believe every business can be great by continuously strengthening their structures and as Imprint we love to be part of your journey to greatness.

Occupational Health and Safety Appraisals and Implementation

No employee wants to work in an environment where they feel unsafe and your business can set just the right environment for them. Our team of Occupational Health and Safety experts will work out jus the right intervention for right from conducting OHS assessments to implementation and training. The safety of your employees directly affects the safety of your business legally and productivity wise. Take a step today with us towards making your workplace a safe one.

Integrated Asset Management

Is your organization struggling with the management of your assets? Are your assets, people and procedures not aligned? We employ a people centric approach to assets management. In doing so, your people take ownership of assets bringing about value for money. First, we do an assessment to find out the GAPs in your asset management and then we develop the most appropriate intervention which might among other things development of an information system, process documentation or re-engineering and other relevant interventions while employing Occupational Health and Safety best practices. We also conduct Asset Maintenance Audits to give your business to offer an external opinion on your asset management routines.