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Strategic Leadership

Training Intervention


Imprint is committed to helping organisations develop the right talent to deliver on their strategic initiatives. We do this through delivery of world class interventions customised to the needs of each client/business. Our training interventions are run along the experiential learning ethos of 10% classroom, 20% near the job, and 70% on the job that reinforces application in workplace. The 70:20:10 principle is achieved by participants practicing the management skills that they are taught (70% on the job) and being supported through coaching by their peers and supervisors (20% near the job). The 10% class room programme structure is a mix of theory and practice, which increases the application of the learning back in the workplace. Various forms of simulations are used to facilitate the practical element of the interventions where participants get to apply knowledge gained through each sessions.

Leadership Development Porgramme

The leadership development programme takes participants through a leadership journey that entails managers and leaders learning to manage self, strengthen their leadership of others and grow their strategic outlook and understanding of their business environment. Participants engage in an Action Learning Project and receive individual executive coaching and /or group coaching. This programme is designed to help managers lead businesses with strategic perspectives in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment without damaging relationships with their people.

Management Development Programme

The management development program is designed to enable middle managers, team leaders and supervisors to transition from technical experts to effective people managers who consistently get results through others. The 3-4 months modular intervention is highly practical with at least two executive coaching sessions for each participant.

Coaching for Performance

The Coaching for performance Training Programme was developed in close collaboration with several clients, with the objective of equipping individuals (supervisors, team leaders and managers) with skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary in enabling them use a coaching approach to improving performance for their teams and ultimately contributing to the overall organisation performance. The intervention will thus contribute to building a Coaching for Performance culture desired to increase productivity and business results by enabling the participants to bring the best out of others. The programme structure that entails a couple of follow up sessions is designed to enhance leaning through the on the job application of the coaching skills learnt during the classroom sessions. The participants will have an opportunity to receive further support in gaining skills on how to handle complex issues.

Training of Trainers Course

Trainers come in all shapes and sizes covering different topics with varying approaches to their subject matter. This training of trainers’ workshop will give trainers tools to help them create and deliver exciting, engaging and compelling workshops. The program includes learning presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable.

Topics that participants can look forward to include creating a compelling program, mastering training logistics, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audience. The participant will also learn how to evaluate the training and follow up trainees to ensure transfer of learning to the workplace.

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is so much more complex than knowing table manners. This course examines the basics, most importantly to be considerate of others, dress/appearance, the workplace versus social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and conversation skills, cultural differences affecting international business opportunities, dealing with interruptions, and proper business email and telephone etiquette.

Woman of Purpose

The rising focus on gender equity has yielded a number of women taking on key leadership positions in the market place. We help organizations with female workforce develop a distinctive brand of Corporate Woman, who would have a positive influence with an executive presence to lead and engage, not only in the company, but in her home, community and on the nation. The sessions involve high impact interactive talks including celebrity guests, leadership development, coaching and mentoring activities.

Team Building

The program assists team members to know one another and learn how to work together and resolve conflicts. It also improves the team’s problem solving and creativity skills as well as boost staff morale. We have a blend of fun team building activities that not only deliver fun to the participants but also a learning experience based on the thematic focus of the team building activity.

Facilitation of Retreats

Are you looking for a facilitator for your corporate retreat, strategy or planning retreat. We have experienced facilitators who have been exposed to both local and regional platforms. We employ a mode of facilitation that ensures that action points are thoroughly derived through a consensus process of all stakeholders. We ensure that a retreat involves both fun and workshop experience for the participants.

Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development

We are seasoned developers of variety of curriculum and we have developed curriculum on organizational and national level curriculum. Selected assignments in this area include development of national curriculum on cross cutting program issues namely, Gender, Children’s Rights, HIV/AIDS and Environment. We ensure that our curriculum is well blended with content that accommodates all learning styles as well as all levels of objectives i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudinal  objectives.

Change Management

The program equips a leader with tools to implement changes more smoothly and to have those changes better accepted. It also gives participants an understanding of how change is implemented and some tools for managing their reactions to change.

Culture Transformation

Culture transformation calls for leadership at all levels, and in this course, you will also become more aware of the organizational culture, and develop the skills needed to lead culture transformation. The first part of the program deals with what we call the hardware, that is, appreciating the desired Culture and second part entails knowing one’s role in the Culture Transformation process.

Other Products

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As our clients work towards achieving their strategic imperatives, managing a robust and efficient talent pipeline will be imperative for success. The Executive Coaching and Mentorship process will provide the client’s talented employees with an opportunity to gain exposure to skilled business leaders through a structured coaching process.Our extensive skills encompass aspects of running assessments (i.e. MBTI, 360º assessments) to enable the client to better understand each candidate and develop interventions that are customized to fit specific client / individual needs.Our consultants are able to assist in the recruitment process by assessing candidates and advising the client on potential job fit.


Understanding oneself based on reliable and validated tools can help one appreciate some innate and learned preferences of perceiving and behaving. Imprint uses a range of Psychometric Assessments to provide participant with insight into presumed gaps as well as assess performance shift at the end of the coaching program.

Executive Coaching

A coaching intervention entails a coachee and coach collaborating to assess and understand the coachee and their developmental task; challenge current constraints while exploring new possibilities; and ensure accountability and support for reaching desired goals as well as sustaining development. The entire relationship is built on trust which arises from ongoing rapport during the coaching process.

Team Coaching

In order to have an effective and sustainable impact, internal cohesion and performance; Imprint uses a tried and tested Systemic Team Coaching (STC). The Systemic Team Coach pays attention not only to the team and the individuals, but also to their differences, relationships with each other, their key stakeholders and their environment.



Typically, we will work closely with each client seeking to understand their unique challenges as we develop an appropriate intervention that encompasses all relevant operational aspects. At Imprint, we have helped our clients to develop and execute on their strategic and business plans in a manner that increases organizational effectiveness and efficiency with alignment to their desired directions.

We believe in a collaborative process with our clients – we will do the up-front work together with the client – to fully understand their situation, unique needs and the direction that the business intends to take. The specific methodology for each strategic/business planning or feasibility study varies according to the terms of reference.

Strategic planning

We bring a unique cutting edge approach to formulation of feasible strategies to enable your organisation thrive in this competitive and dynamic business enviroment. We employ an all-inclusive stakeholder consultative process to inspire ownership and buy-in from all stakeholders. Every strategy is as good as its implementation and we steer organisations towards progress through periodic follow up that has consistently enabled the organisations we support take quantum thrusts towards the preffered future. Our consultants are seasoned strategists for public, international and private institutions and guarantee developing the most effective strategic direction for your organisation

Business Planning

Are you seeking funding for a business idea from ready investors, or in need to streamline your business operations towards a growth vision? We help businesses develop blue prints of growth as well as clear resource mobilisation strategies towards sustainability. Our experience in market and policy scans for effective business positioning enables our clients get value from our interventions.

Mid-Term Reviews

Our approach to project and strategy evaluations aligns with credible international standards and best practices to ensure that we look at project and strategy implematations in the lenses of global contexts and the associated risks. Our clients have consistently achieved value with the way we turn around non perfoming strategies to those that enable achievement of organisational goals.

Organisational Development

We demonstrate a unique prowess at aligning organisational structures, systems and staffing to adequately deliver on objectives / strategies of the organisation. This process would include a job evaluation in order to design an appropriate organogram matched with job families and business needs in order to guide the pay ranges and pay structure. We also include a review of the effectiveness of the performance management and sanctioning framework in keeping staff focused on achieving key organizational objectives. We have credible experience in conducting such assignments in public sector and our approach is scalable to a range of organisations.