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The Leadership and Management in Health (LMIH)

Offered by the University of Washington and facilitated by Imprint (U) Ltd in Uganda is an exciting course for anyone who would like to gain practical leadership and management skills that are required for working in complex local, regional, national, and global health environments. Whereas the course is targeting people in a health setting, the concepts and materials apply to anyone looking at improving their personal leadership abilities and practical management skills. Personal leadership development and practical management skills are both emphasized.

The course has video lectures, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, and assignments.

Most case studies, readings, and assignments assume an existing knowledge of the health care system, labor law, and funding landscape in your country. You will get the most out of this course if you can apply the concepts and strategies immediately to a work setting, including being in a position to lead meetings, facilitating team development, communicating on behalf of the organization, managing conflicts, analyzing and monitoring management data, supervising and delegating work, and managing some aspects of complex project implementation.
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The overall course objective is to improve the delivery of quality health services by strengthening the leadership and management skills of program participants.